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Anti-Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches have been on the earth for 250 million years. Cockroaches are widely distributed pests that annoying and when abundant are also destructive. Cockroaches destroy food, damage fabric in bookbinding and other material. They spread diseases as they leave filth when run over the food. Though there are 3,500 species of cockroaches existing in the world only two species are common and occur quiet often. They are German and American Cockroaches. To control the above given pest, two configurations are used:
1. Baiting Technology
2. Spray treatment

1. Baiting Technology:
Baiting technology is emerging as a reliable alternative control method that produces maximum efficacy against target insects and minimal impact on human activity.
The salient features of this technology are:
1. No smell, No odour.
2. Can be applied in sensitive areas such as kitchen appliances, computers, electrical control boards, record rooms etc., as it contains low dosage of active ingredient.
3. No need to leave the premises during or after the treatment.
4. No need to empty drawers or cover up food or do any special preparations prior to the treatment.
5. Cascading effect - once cockroaches have eaten the bait, they contaminate other cockroaches thus producing a cascade of destructions throughout the cockroach population. This leads to quick eradication and no reinvasion.
• Not a repellant but an attractant - this bait contains insect growth regulator as active ingredient which has got effect on specific species of insects like cockroaches. This active ingredients is mixed with feeding stimulants like food attractants and pheromones specialized chemicals generated by the insects to identify itself from the other insects).
2. Spray treatment:
Here we use a unique formulation, which as got a flushing effect, residual effect for 15 days. This formulation is sprayed on the surface of the infested area which makes the cockroaches come out from their habitites, generally crevices, holes etc. this formulation has got a knock down effect which kills the cockroaches that come out instantly.

Rodent Control

A continuous and frustrating pest menace, rats and bandicoots have defied man's ingenuity for long at home or office or any eating-place. They damage structures, electrical circuits, clothes, books, and papers and contaminate food articles. They are carriers of frightening diseases like typhoid, rat fever, Maurine typhus, leptopsoriasis, rickettsial pox, trichinosis, dysentery, meningitis and the deadly plague.
To combat the menace of the rodents there are 3 methods:
1. Acute-Toxic, 2. Low Toxic 3. Non-Toxic.

1.The acute toxic:
Method is used to control rats in the open spaces outside the buildings. This is used against Norway Rats, which generally stay at Nalas and dustbins. The rats die immediately in minutes due to the Phosphine gas released by our chemical. This is very effective against the Bandicoots. The disadvantage in this method is we cannot eliminate bait shy character in rats; as such bait rotation has to be done very frequently.
2.The low toxic:
Methodology uses the second-generation anti-coagulants, which are effective after the very first dose. They eliminate the bait-shy in the rodents, as the rodent does not die immediately unlike in the acute toxic method. The rats affected by the Anti-Coagulants come out into the open and die eliminating the risk of stinking.
In this method glue pads, mechanical traps, runway traps etc are used which makes it completely safe for people as well as pets.

General Disinfestation

Our own combination of treatments eliminates domestic pests such as silver fish, lizards, cockroach’s moths, rodents, spiders and cobwebs and prevents their further growth with their residual effect.

Control of Mosquitoes

Another unconquered enemy of man are mosquitoes. Much appreciated by all our clientele for its deadly effectiveness, our mosquito-control treatment not only eliminates mosquitoes but also releases reproduction inhibitors leaving little chance for re-infestation. We have formulated two combinations _ one that produces pleasant fragrance and the other completely odourless, which is virtually non-toxic, no vapours emitted and biodegradable. Both are non-staining and have a long time residual effect of 20 days. The above two configurations are proved to be very highly effective when tried out by the National Eradication Programme, Malaria Center & National Institute of Communicable Diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved these chemicals.

Fly Control

In case of severe infestations, we identify the source and do the breeding control treatment as this the only pest which is not nocturnal in nature and becomes active as the warmth increases. During summer and monsoon season this problem is very high.

Apart from the breeding control, we use mist blowing system to cover all the outer areas with a high effective chemical. This can be used all along the borders and open areas. For inner areas we use glue traps along with the pheromone coated adhesive sheets or specialized UV fly traps.

Fogging Operations

a) Active ingredient: King Fog 1.25 ULV
b) Oil based concentrate-containing 10g of Deltamethrin W/V per liter.
c) Fast kill of adult mosquitoes resistant to organ chlorine and organ phosphorous insecticides.
d) Safer to human beings and animals as Kingfog 1.25 ULV contains a biodegradable synthetic pyrethroid.

Termite Control

A Break Through In Termite Control In New Molecule Bifenthrin:
1.Bifenthrin a unique molecule for termite control is the greatest invention of F.M.C. specialty products with its head quarters at Philadelphia U.S.A. which as got longest protection period registered and approved by Australia.(Australia is one of the fue countries that require the manufacturers to mention the protection period provide by their chemicals on the lable).
2. The synthetic pyrethroid is tested and recommended in India by C.B.R.I (Central Building research institute) roorke for pre construction and post construction anti termite treatment. This synthetic pyrethroid is recommended U.S.D.A.Which is tested for its average protection period on termitecide for not less than 13 years unlike other pesticides.

Double Action Protection

1. Bifenthrin not only kills active termites quickly but creates an invisible protection barrier that surrounds your home to repel termites.
2. Even when a bifenthrin treated barrier becomes thin or weekened overtime it will still provide protection since it reduces. The pressure of the attack through repellency and hence termites do not challenge the barrier.

Lower Environmental Impact:
Bifenthrin as the lowest dosage rate which means that its requires less active ingredient than any other product
1. Salient Features: Insoluble in water and binds strongly to surfaces. It will not be reached away by rain sprinkling or irrigation.
2. Non-systemic: This means that garden plants and other vegetation do not translocate the barrier away from treated area when it is most needed
3. Bifenthrin stays where you put it carrying less disruption to non target organism unlike any other products which do not remain in the treated zone
4. No air born termiticide residues
5. Toxicity profile: The oral LD 50 is 1657 mg/kg Dermal LD 50 2000 mg/kg
6. Dosage: One liter Bifenthrin in 49 liters of water.

Anti Termite Treatment

We introduced a new generation species specific insecticides IGR’s (Insect Growth Regulator) to control termites (pre and post constructions) which are odorless, non-repellant(kills the pest unlike the usual Organo Phosphorous compound Chloropyriphos 20% EC).
The IGRs used here is Imidacloprid 30.50% SC which works on the termites producing cascading effect on the pest as the termites feed through Tropholaxis (mouth to mouth feeding).
Historically the best way to stop termites from destroying houses is by applying chemical barrier of the Termiticide in the soil around the structure. any break in the barrier due to construction activity, improper application, shifting of treated soil etc., renders it useless and the structure is exposed to termite attack. to overcome the above mentioned problems a innovative Termiticide is used which breaks the repellant barrier mentality.

Wood Borer Control

Woodborers are the pests, which live on the starch of the wood and convert them in to powder form, thus making the entire wooden structure hallow& week. These pests spread at a very high speed, as they are air borne. The larva of the woodborer travels through air. In this case also prevention is better than cure.

Technical Expertise

The chief executive of the company is well experienced and well versed with the entomology and techniques to control the pests by adapting advanced methods which are patronized by many leading companies, resorts, pharmaceuticals, food industries and banks. We have CFTRI trained supervisors to guide operators in their regular operations and troubleshooting Pestfree Enviro Systems is popular in almost all the sectors for its conceptual approach of solving the pest problems.
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